Meet the Team

Principal Investigators


Meng Li

Assistant Professor

Efficient and Secure Multi-Modality Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm/Hardware Co-Design/Co-Optimization

Grad Students

Zuodong Zhang

Graduate Students (Co-advised with Prof. Runsheng Wang)

VLSI reliability analysis and optimization

Qingyu Guo

PhD Student (Co-advised with Prof. Yuan Wang, 2020)

FPGA-based accelerator design

Yixuan Hu

PhD Student (Co-advised with Prof. Runsheng Wang, 2020)

Stochastic Computing, Approximate Computing

Tong Tong

Master Student (Co-advised with Prof. Jinlong Lin, 2021)

Privacy-preserving deep learning

Renjie Wei

PhD Student (2022)

Efficient Artificial Intelligence

Tengyu Zhang

PhD Student (2022)

Stochastic Computing, Approximate Computing

Yikang Jia

Master Student (Co-advised with Prof. Runsheng Wang, 2022)

Efficient Artificial Intelligence in Embedded System

Shuzhang Zhong

PhD Student (2023)

Efficient Artificial Intelligence, Neural Architecture Search

Tianshi Xu

PhD Student (2023)

Efficient and Secure Artificial Intelligence

Wenxuan Zeng

Master/PhD Student (Co-advised with Prof. Runsheng Wang, 2023)

Efficient Deep Learning, Privacy-preserving Machine Learning

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