Efficient AI

Efficient Non-Linear Adder for Stochastic Computing with Approximate Spatial-Temporal Sorting Network
Accurate yet Efficient Stochastic Computing Neural Acceleration with High Precision Residual Fusion
BiT: Robustly Binarized Multi-distilled Transformer
Depth Shrink: Empowering Hardware-Friendly Shallow Neural Networks
Omni-sparsity DNN: Fast Sparsity Optimization for On-Device Streaming E2E ASR via Supernet
SplitNets: Designing Neural Architectures for Efficient Distributed Computing on Head-Mounted Systems
NASViT: Neural Architecture Search for Efficient Vision Transformers with Gradient Conflict aware Supernet Training
DNA: Differentiable Network-Accelerator Co-Search
AlphaNet: Improved Training of Supernets with Alpha-Divergence
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